BookTec Inforamtion Co.
About us

BookTec Information Co.

BOOKTEC Information Co. is a Taiwan company established in 1988, developed Library Management System since 1990 and developed Library RFID Management System since 2003.

It is the company who focus Library Market since 1990. We started promotion our products and service to international market since 2006.

The company was formed with the objective to develop and market innovative Integrated Library Management System and RFID-based solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of library processes. The company has developed creative solution for her delighted customers and partners.

Our Vision:

That is to be the one of leading Solution providers of Library Business in the local and international market, by offering innovative and unprecedented solutions exceeding clients’ expectations. A leading Integrated Library Management System and RFID technology house offering cost effective solutions to our customers to improve their operational efficiencies.

Our Mission:

BOOKTEC is a company of innovators dedicated to delivering best of breed services and solutions to our customers.

We committed to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, agility and professional excellence. Strive to be leaders in ethical behavior and professional integrity.

Employ and embrace loyal professionals with exceptional creativity, experience, determination and team spirit.

Seek market diversification and technical innovation to add value to our customers and opportunity for our team.

Our products:

  1. Matrix Integrated Library Management System
  2. Dimension Library Management System
  3. Topology Digital Library System
  4. Vector Library RFID System and Library Security System
  5. Library Access Control System
  6. Digital Signage System
  7. Reading Logs System
  8. e-Book Publish System