Library RFID System - UHF Detection Gates

Library RFID System - UHF Gates

The LibBest RFID EAS Gates is the anti-theft part of the Library RFID Management System using the same RFID tags embedded in the library items. Each lane is able to track items of about 1 meter and would trigger the alarm system when an un-borrowed item passed through them. The alarm will sound and lights on the gate will flash as patron passes through with the un-borrowed library material.

The EAS Anti-Theft Gates is used to detect RFID tag that is equipped with EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance). It can detect the RFID tags within 1 meter range without interference of magnetic items, Upon detecting of Armed RFID tags, the alarm will sound on the gate. It has option to trigger a Camera to record patrons who trigger the alarm to the Surveillance Station.

Theft detection is an integral feature of the chip within the tag. It is a stand-alone technology, which operates independently of the library database.


  • Detect EAS Armed RFID tags
  • Multi-item detection
  • Able to integrate camera with the gate (Option)
  • Gale to integrate with Surveillance Station (Option)


  • Single technology is required for both inventory and theft management of the library.
  • Library staff are alerted immediately when un-borrowed items pass through the theft detection gates.
  • Would-be thieves are deterred by the physical presence of the gates.
  • Number of patrons passing through the gates is captured by a counter on the gates Alarm volume can be easily controlled.