Library RFID System
Self Check Station

New Design - (M type)
The World First Mobility & Elevatable Self Check Station.

M type
Library RFID System - K type
K type
Library RFID System - K type
Q type (Desktop only)
Library RFID System - Q type

The Patron Self Check station is basically a computer with a touch screen and a built-in RFID reader, plus special software for personal identification, book and other media handling and circulation. After identifying the patron with a library ID card, a barcode card, or his personal ID number (PIN), the patron is asked to choose the next action (check-out of one or several books). After choosing check-out , the patron puts the book(s) in front of the screen on the RFID reader and the display will show the book title and its ID number (other optional information can be shown if desired) which have been checked out.

The patron then confirms that he has finished the check-out process and a receipt is printed, showing which books have been borrowed and the return date. The RFID tag in the book is set on quiet as a result no alarm will go off at the EAS gates.

It is also possible to use the station for Check-In (return) of books. In this case the patron identifies herself, chooses return and then puts one book or a stack of books onto the reader. She will receive a receipt. If the books were to be taken through the gate now, an alarm would sound.

One important point for library productivity is that the whole process is significantly less time consuming than with barcode and magnetic strip system; therefore long lines are avoided and fewer stations are needed for the same process.


  1. To Librarian:
    • Speeds up book check-in / check-out
    • Frees staff to better service patrons
    • Better space planning
    • Increases membership rate
    • (M type) Movable - Easily move to the right place in library
    • (M type) Height-Adjustable - It serve adult and also children
  2. To Patrons:
    • Easy to use: books can be read in any orientation
    • Reduces queuing time
    • Provides patron privacy
    • Encourages patrons to come back

Installation Examples:

Self Check Station 1 Self Check Station 2