Library RFID System - Book Drop

Library RFID System - Book Drop

The Book Drops can be located anywhere, within or outside the library. Possible remote locations outside the library include MRT/train stations, shopping centers, schools, etc.This offers unprecedented flexibility and convenience of returning library items at anytime of the day, even when the library is closed.

Patron inserts the library item into the slot. The reader captures the electronic signature and sends to backend system for loan cancellation. Patron is acknowledged by beeping sound and flashlight. Patron’s record is updated immediately. This is possible due to the seamless link between LibBest Library RFID Management System and the host computer system. As such, users who have reached their loan quota can start borrowing items once they have returned them through the Book Drop.


  • The ability to return books during off hours.
  • Loans for the returned items will be instantaneously cancelled so that patron may immediately borrow again.
  • Librarians are able to allocate more time to customer service, as they are free from the labor-intensive loan cancellation activity associated with barcode system.
  • Display the return status and printing receipt.
  • The design of the Book Drops is such that items cannot be retrieved back once deposited.


  • Accept special design
  • Able to Integrate with Auto-Sorting system

New Design

Smart Book-Drop with Smart Bin

  • Smart Book-drop - Able to reject the improper book to return.
  • Smart Bin - Protect book from falling, alarm when it is 80% and 100% full.
  • Door Lock - Door is closed when system process check in and when system is not operable.