Library RFID System - HF Staff Station

Library RFID System - HF Staff Station

Staff Station is a staff assisted station on services such as loan, return, tagging, sorting and etc. It is loaded with arming/disarming module, tagging module and sorting module. Arming/Disarming module allows EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) bit inside the tag of the library material to be set/reset so as to trigger/not trigger the alarm of the EAS gate. Checking of EAS status of library material is easy. The staff puts the item on the reader and click on the view to display the information stored inside the tag and status of EAS. There are also feature of Auto Arming and Auto Disarm. Auto Arm/Disarm will automatic arm/disarm library material that is within the Reader range.

Together with circulation module from Library Management System Software, this station is used for the following services:

  • Editing and updating of patron’s record
  • Add and deleting of patron’s record
  • Generate loan history for a particular patrons
  • Managing of fines incurred by the patron
  • Arm/Disarm of EAS bit inside the library material
  • Program of new library material
  • Sort item in accordance to their branch and category number
  • The features of this station depend on the module loaded by the Library Management Software.


  • Provide Value Added Customer Service instead of manual daily routine
  • Perform media check-in/-out for those patrons who choose not to use the self service system
  • Help patron that need assistance from the staff


Barcode Reader with Stand Manual Tag Dispenser

Installation Examples:

Staff Station 1 Staff Station 2